Welcome to LeanICT.com!

Lean production and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have for many years been recognized in the scientific literature and industrial trade journals as enablers of world-class manufacturing operations. Though many companies have undertaken the implementation of either or both of these approaches in order to achieve greater competitive advantage; in the traditional sense, information technology (IT) such as ERP has often been viewed as a contributor to waste within lean production, for example through the generation of excessive data and unnecessary transactions, and by encouraging overproduction and excessive safety stocks, resulting in high inventory levels. However, as the business world changes and competition from low-cost countries increases, new models must be developed which deliver competitive advantage by combining modern-day technological advances with the lean paradigm.

This website has been created in order to share the results of my research with the world. For the past few years I have analysed the relationship between IT and lean production principles in a wide variety of settings: In large companies; in small- and medium companies (SMEs), in make-to-stock companies; in make-to-order companies; in Norwegian companies; in British companies; and even in Dutch companies. The results have been surprising and needless to say very interesting.

I hope my findings are useful to those of you who seek to combine both contemporary information technologies with the lean approach…

Good Luck!

Dr. Powell